Conference Date

November 12-14, 2014


Beijing Xijiao Hotel Conference Center

Important Dates:

Deadline for Submission of Abstract

---July 30, 2014   Sep.20, 2014

Notification of abstract acceptance

---Aug.15, 2014   Sep.30, 2014

Deadline for Submission of manuscript

---Sep.15, 2014 Oct.15, 2014

Due date for payment: Nov.05, 2014

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Since The APEC 2014 meeting, which will be held at the China National Convention Center in early November, just postponed the closing day to Nov. 13. So we have to look for a new venue and hotel for the ICAM-BM 2014. The new places will info you as soon as possible.

Apologies for the inconvenience.


Beijing Xijiao Hotel and its Conference Center will be the new hotel and venue for the ICAM-BM 2014. The new places are next to Tsinghua University. The relative information were updated in this official website. 

Looking forward to seeing you in Beijing.


The online payment platform (首信易PayEase) has been updated, Please accept our apology for any inconvenience this matter has caused you.

Please note that the system supports IE browser only.

*Two payment channels have been opened for domestic delegates and overseas delegates, respectively. 

*You could make room reservation online without any fees, but be required to pay the hotel when you check out.

Due date for the payment:  November 5, 2014


Meeting Program have been updated, please check the Agenda bar.



The 4th International Conference on Additive Manufacturing and Bio-Manufacturing

(ICAM-BM 2014, Beijing)



About the ICAM-BM

The 4th International Conference on Additive Manufacturing and Bio-Manufacturing (ICAM-BM) will be held in Xijiao Hotel Convention Center, Beijing, from November 12 to 14, 2014. It is the continuation and advance of successive international conferences on Rapid Prototyping and Bio-manufacturing organized by Tsinghua University, which have been the largest conferences on Rapid Prototyping, Additive Manufacturing, Bio-manufacturing and 3D Printing in Asia. Deal with the new development of 3D Printing, this conference will cover broad topics on fundamental research, technological innovation, interdisciplinary and creative application, education and training, and industrial development. The event will provide a unique platform for exchange and communication to the 3D Printing and Biomanufacturing communities

History of ICAM-BM

1. The 1st International Conference on Rapid Prototyping & Manufacturing, 1998.7, Beijing,

2. The 2nd International Conference on Rapid Prototyping & Manufacturing, 2002.8.19-20, Beijing.

3. International Workshop on Bio-manufacturing, 2005, 6.30-7.1, Beijing.

4. The 3rd International conference of Rapid Prototyping Manufacturing & Bio-manufacturing, 2008.11.7-8, Beijing

5. International Workshop on Bio/Nano-manufacturing and Integration, 2011.4.11-13, Beijing

Symposium Topics

1. New process, technology, and equipment of Additive Manufacturing

2. Metallic Additive Manufacturing

3. Additive Manufacturing for Ceramic and Polymer Materials

4. Additive Manufacturing for Biomaterials

5. Bio- and Cell- Printing

6. Micro/Nano- Additive Manufacturing

7. Digitalized Architecture and Art

8. Modeling and Data Processing

9. Design with Additive Manufacturing 

10. Applications and Services

11. Education and Training

12. Industrial Development and Societal Impact

Hosted by:

Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society

International Society of Biofabrication

Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Committee

Tsinghua University



State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs of China

National Natural Science Foundation of China

Beijing Productivity Center

Chinese Society for Biomaterials

Organized by:

Bio-manufacturing and rapid forming technology key laboratory of Beijing

Non-Traditional Machining Institution & Biomanufacturing Engineering

Institution of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society

Biomanufacturing and rapid forming center, DME, Tsinghua University

Shenzhen Biomanufacturing Engineering Laboratory


Honorary Conference Chairman: YAN Yong-nian, LU Bing-Heng, SONG Tian-hu  

Chairman: SUN Wei  

Co-Chairman: LI Di-chen, LIN Feng

Secretary: ZHANG Lei, ZHANG Ting, YAO Rui, WANG Jia, MAO Shuangshuang